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What We Do

With over 20 years experience and dedication to our clients, MAC Consulting provides effective and efficient Virtual Controller, Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax Planning & Preparation services for small to midsize companies.

About Melissa (Founder)

As the founder of MAC Consulting, 20 years strong and going, bookkeeping is in my blood. I started at age 13 (working after school and weekends) and I've always had quite the knack for numbers and business. With a BA in accounting and soon an MBA, my previous corporate career for over a decade has included work as Business Controller and CFO.

Our Mission

My team and I bring dedication, decades of experience in accounting, tax law and application of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), as well as efficiency and clear communication. All with the intent of helping our clients manage their bookkeeping and accounting needs. Every staff member is fully trained in-house, and each member of my team works closely with me to assure all of our work meets your requirements.

Our Clients

We are the perfect fit for small to midsize businesses, from owner/operator to numerous employees. Our client budgets range from $100K to $100M. Although our clients span various industry categories, we specialize in working with construction and manufacturing based businesses with an emphasis on cost accounting needs. On a tax basis we also specialize in the entertainment industry and individual sole proprietorships.

Our Services

Clean-Up Services

Quickbooks, Bookeeping, etc.


Month-end close and in-house financial prep


Consulting, Preparation, Personal and Business

General Business Consulting

General business and tax consulting

Cost Accounting

Know the Profit (or loss) for each project or item

Liaison/Consultation Services

Due Diligence, Mergers & Acquisitions, Tax Audits etc.

We do offer more services.

If you don't see it here, please contact us to discuss.

More About Our Virtual Controller Services

We have seen many entrepreneurs so good in their field, that they have decided to forge out on their own to start their own businesses. They start to become successful with contacts they may have already had. They are right, they are good at what they do. The problem we see most often, is that while they excel in what they do, they really don’t understand the business side of being a business owner. Many times they hire a bookkeeper they feel would be best able to keep the back-end office looked after. Many times they are wrong for a number of reasons. That is where a Controller comes in. They will look after the bookkeeper, stand in for a system of checks and balances. A Controller will know what an appropriate set of books will look like, understand what deadlines are key, and know the importance of reconciling not only the bank accounts but all accounts in the Chart.

A Virtual Controller, is your out of office accounting and business oversight, responsible for organizing and reporting the financial health of your business. They will streamline your account to provide accurate capture and timely reporting of all transactions. They also work on automating and streamlining financial systems. As needed, they will usually manage any accounting staff as well, to assure all day-to-day, monthly and annual tasks are completed successfully.

Many of our small to midsize businesses have found it is more cost effective to out-source a Virtual Controller rather than hire a full-time in-house resource depending on your business size, budget and growth. Consider that currently the average salary for an experienced (10+ years) Controller in the Greater Philadelphia area can average $10k per month. The national average can be as high as 200K annual (salary.com). These numbers are base salary, they do not even take into consideration potential bonuses, employer related costs (worker’s comp, employer federal and state taxes, possible health insurance costs, etc.)

Outsourcing a Virtual Controller through MAC Consulting LLC may be the right choice for your business and more cost effective than hiring a full-time in-house resource.

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Outsourcing a Virtual Controller through MAC Consulting LLC may be the right choice for your business and more cost effective than hiring a full-time in-house resource. Contact us to discuss and for a free consultation.